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Video Surveillance in the Workplace

There are several methods of monitoring workers in a workplace setting. The company management can utilize web surfing surveillance, desktop surveillance, phone monitoring, and video surveillance. As companies are progressively considering the use of monitoring techniques, it is crucial to realize the potential effects that monitoring can have on the overall business. One of the most polemical monitoring techniques is the use of surveillance, to visually keep a record of employee performance, actions, and functions. Though it efficaciously enables the security personnel to carry out crime prevention techniques, there is still discord among employees, who are subjected to surveillance.


This concept has been under much discussion lately. It is a topic that is preferred by employers, but not favored by employees. Both the organizational leadership and the workers have different views on it. Many people have a doubt if keeping an eye on employees with the aid of video surveillance is effective. Monitoring employees with cameras and CCTVs have their own share of advantages and disadvantages.

Before setting up video surveillance, the company is required to elucidate the employee privacy rights, and what factors comprise an invasion of privacy. The workers also should be apprised that surveillance would be incorporated, and they should sign on a waiver stating that they are aware that they are being monitored.

The company management ought to be mindful about the risks, which are related with videotaping workers, so that the probability of judicial proceedings are decreased. Employers need to create a workplace environment, wherein the workers can voice out their opinions in confidence with the company management, without feeling that their conversations are being tracked. If the company is implementing video surveillance, it should cohere with written privacy policies that would keep the workers secure, and also lead to respecting their privacy.


A majority of states in the US have passed certain privacy-related laws, and most of these are incorporated for specifying a limit to the way employers may utilize employees' personal data, or maintain the secrecy of medical information or social security numbers. Few states have incorporated these laws, which relate to workplace privacy, including the use of cameras. For instance, in California, it is illegal to set up a surveillance mirror in a washroom, shower, or a locker room. On the contrary, in Connecticut, a company cannot install camera systems in places, which are meant for employee rest and comfort. For getting more information on these laws, the Alarm Systems company needs to get in touch with the state labor department of their respective region.


Setting up such a technology in the workplace can have many benefits, especially for employers who are extremely worried about business security.

Bettered Safety: If set up in an efficient manner, a video surveillance network can largely meliorate the workplace safety and security of the company, as well as of the workers. However, for the purpose of being effective, the surveillance network and systems are required to be expeditiously maintained and checked periodically so that security menaces can be appropriately determined.

Coercing Good Behavior: Just as inclusion of such systems prevent larceny, it also plays a very significant role in making employees behave in a good manner. There is less probability of workers acting in a manner not according to corporate standards, if they are aware of covert cameras monitoring them. This eventually creates a good corporate environment to work in.

Theft Impediment: It is proven that proper usage of surveillance has enabled organizations to save thousands of dollars in stolen goods. Individuals are less likely to burgle if they are aware of the fact that they are being closely monitored by company security personnel. In specific highly-sensitive businesses, video surveillance is certainly significant to their overall success.

Renders Proof of Any Crime: Using video recordings, it is much simpler to see what really took place using video recordings. The acquired evidence can then be used to take appropriate action against the perpetrator. Although this technique is not completely foolproof, in a majority of cases, it can surely prove to be efficient.


There are also few disadvantages of setting up video surveillance systems, particularly for workers, who are bothered about workplace privacy.

Employee Privacy: It is not necessary that the employer should monitor the employees' each and every step and activity. There is also a limit to the surveillance factor, and the employer is required to take steps, keeping such conditions in mind. Moreover, if the surveillance systems and cameras are set up at inappropriate places, or the recordings are hived away for improper use, the employer can be liable for invasion of privacy claims. It is very important to keep in mind the potential legality involved in such claims, and devise and incorporate the systems accordingly, for the purpose of averting pricey legal formalities and actions.

Decrease in Morale: Video surveillance can really have a bad effect on the morale of employees. It can create a feeling in the minds of workers that the company does not trust them, and has a doubt on their activities. This might even lead to unhealthy relations between the employees and the company management, and a decrease in the employee productivity.

Counterfeit Sense of Security: The employer should ensure that the video systems are working Alarm Systems in a proper manner, and there is no sense of false security among employees. This concept would only be efficient, if it is actively monitored, handled, and looked after in a proper manner. A dysfunctional system can create a counterfeit sense of security in the minds of employees, and also, will not benefit the employer in precluding crimes and thefts.

Determining whether to implement video surveillance in the workplace is a very confusing task. For the employer to decide on this aspect, it is crucial to evaluate the particular requirements and essentials of the company, and also the possible aftereffects to the business. Once you have sorted out these aspects, the organization would be in a better state to take a well-informed decision on video surveillance, and if it will affect the business.

UPDATE 2-Target website down on Cyber Monday traffic | Reuters

* Target says "metering traffic" to website

* down since 10:00 a.m. ET - Catchpoint Systems

* Shares down about 1 pct (Adds Target response, details, background)

Nov 30 Discount retailer Target Corp's website was down due to heavy traffic on Cyber Monday.

Shoppers looking for bargains on weregreeted with an error message: "So sorry, but high traffic'scausing delays. If you wouldn't mind holding, we'll refreshautomatically & get things going ASAP."

"Both traffic and order volumes are exceeding Target'sThursday Black Friday event ... To help manage the volume, wehave been metering traffic to the site," Target spokeswomanJamie Bastian said.

The company, the fourth largest U.S. retailer, said it wasworking to restore Kids Headphones to full functionality.

Website performance monitor Catchpoint Systems said Target'swebsite went down at 10:00 a.m. ET on Monday.

While the site was intermittently accessible for some users,items could not be added to the shopping cart. An error messageread "There's a line for this item. So sorry for the delay." (

Items including 4K ultra-high definition TV sets,Microsoft's Xbox One game consoles and even a 4-lb bagof granulated sugar could not be added to carts.

Twitter users were quick to express their displeasure. "Comeon @Target get it together. How am I supposed to order Kids Headphones anythingon cyber Monday if you can't keep your website running?"Nikki_Ferrell tweeted.

In what Target has called its "Biggest, Boldest Plans" forCyber Monday, the retailer is offering 15 percent discounts onalmost all items on

Target said on Friday it had "unprecedented results" on Thanksgiving Day, and the company planned tooffer free shipping on through Dec. 25.

Deals include 50 percent off on licensed kids' cameras andselect Sennheiser in-ear headphones.

Upscale retailer Neiman Marcus's website was unavailablemost of Friday, according to Catchpoint.

Other websites that have faced outages since early Thursdayinclude L Brands Inc's Victoria's Secret and Foot LockerInc, Catchpoint said.

About 121 million shoppers planned to shop online on CyberMonday, down slightly from the 126.9 million who planned toparticipate last year, according to the National RetailFederation. (

Target's shares were down 1.1 percent at $72.59 in latemorning trading. (Reporting by Yashaswini Swamynathan and Subrat Patnaik inBengaluru; Editing by Ted Kerr and Maju Samuel)

Global marketing and Advance SEO

At the point when most unpracticed online business visionaries investigate the chances of making a business and creating promoting they regularly look for two zones of probability, SEO and showcasing. Site design improvement or SEO is surely understood from giving organizations the chance to profit by buyers using web indexes so as to drive deals and fulfill shopper request. Showcasing is the center of dispersing data to potential customers keeping in mind the end goal to move purchaser hobby and support ranges, for example, brand acknowledgment. The misstep that entrepreneurs make is they approach one idea or the other, not understanding that the two thoughts are interlaced.

At the point when legitimately assessing how you can enhance your business through the usage of these assets it is very fitting to work with SEO specialists administrations. Site improvement is not a basic undertaking to achieve and frequently ought to be sought after preceding any type of online business era. The primary objective these specialists will offer you in finishing some assistance with being deciding the best watchwords to bolster your organization. These catchphrases will establish the framework of chance to catch high internet searcher rankings so that your business will be on the highest point of any pursuit list directed by driven shoppers. This will give you access to clients effectively looking for your products or administrations, expanding the likelihood of making deals.

Once the advisor SEO has supported your organization in deciding the best watchwords, the following stage is found with actualizing these catchphrases into your site. Data era and the production of value substance it is constantly vital paying little mind marketing to the motivation behind your site. While making this substance it is essential to join these catchphrases through after an exceptionally effective rate request. Putting excessively couple of watchwords will bring about you, making it impossible to have a low internet searcher rating and setting to numerous will bring about your website being red hailed as spam. Finding this parity is basic and can be effectively refined using proficient guide.

Understanding the intricacies of website streamlining is essential keeping in mind the end goal to find why SEO and advertising are interlaced. The straightforward ID of watchwords and usage into your site supported by an expert is insufficient to get a perceived web crawler standing. You should now find the most ideal approaches to showcase your business and after that join the use of catchphrases into this promoting to enhance your SEO endeavors. A percentage of the best advertising techniques to fulfill this objective include informal organizations and the assets of third party referencing gave through blogging outside of your own site.

Informal communities are exceptionally well known online apparatuses utilized by shoppers so the advancement of a profile can help you to make a vicinity in this environment. Using the watchwords built up in your SEO pursuit can enhance web index acknowledgment as your profile connections to your essential site. The utilization of SEO specialists pegasys can at the end of the day be useful since the sensitive way of getting catchphrase rates right are pretty much as imperative as they were with your site. The same system of catchphrase usage ought to be made in the sites you produce outside of your essential site. Making superb web journals will motivate buyer premium so your organization can promote profit by the merging of showcasing and SEO.

Military Retirement Benefits

When a person is set to retire from the military services, one will probably have worries about the medical benefits, pay after retirement, and living adjustment. These are the obvious questions that arise in one's mind when such a huge change is impending. It does not matter what your "full" retirement age is. You might start receiving benefits as early as age 62. But, if you start your benefits early, they are reduced five-ninths of one percent for each month before your "full" retirement age. Therefore, suppose, your full retirement age is 65 and four months and you sign up for Social Security when you're 64, you would receive 91.1 percent of your full benefit. At the age of 62, you would get 80 percent. The reduction is greater for people born after 1938, as the full retirement age increases. A person who is retiring at the age of 62 in the year 2003, sees a reduction of 23 percent. A person who was born in 1960 whose full retirement age would be sixty seven, sees a thirty percent reduction when retiring at the age of 62.

Who is Eligible

There are both disadvantages and advantages to taking the PPM aid of military retirement plans before your full retirement age. The disadvantage is that your benefit is permanently decreased, and there is no way of increasing it. The advantage is that the perks are enjoyed by you for a longer period of time. Since each person's situation is different, so make sure you contact Social Security before you decide to retire. Luckily, even after retirement, the medical benefits can be enjoyed by you and your family members like your spouse, an unremarried widow(er), an unmarried child, including an adopted child or a stepchild under the age of twenty one, or under twenty three if still enrolled full-time at an educational institution, a dependent parent, or parent-in-law (dependency requirements have to be verified though) or unremarried former spouses, under specific conditions. The former spouses should not have other medical coverage under an employer-sponsored plan. A person who would qualify as an eligible family member from a previous marriage can also avail of the benefits.

Military Active Duty Retirement System

The military active duty retirement system is the best deal. Since, unlike most retirement plans, the Armed Forces offer a pension which is technically a "reduced compensation for reduced services" with benefits, that starts the day you retire, irrespective of the age you retire at, which implies you could start collecting a regular pension as early as when you are 37 years old. The pension amount would keep growing with the cost of living adjustment each year. However, there are many factors that determine the exact amount of your pension. For the past twenty-five years, the government has made some significant changes to the retirement system. One of the significant changes made was the lifting of the 75 percent cap used in the calculation of retired pay, for members eligible for service retirements. Anyone retiring after over 30 years of total active service will receive credit for service over 30 years.

How to Find Out Your Retirement Payment Rate

If you had entered the service prior to September 1980, you are considered eligible for the Final Pay retirement system. If you joined between September 8, 1980 and August 1986, you are considered eligible for the High 36 system, and if you joined after August 1986, you are considered eligible to choose either the High 36 retirement system, or the Career Status Bonus or REDUX (CSB) retirement system. If you do not want to make Pension a choice, you will automatically receive the High 36 retirement plan. The retired pay is sent by EFT to the financial institution if you continue with the same institutions before retirement. But, if you change, the details of the new institution are to be provided to the Military Finance Administration. If the concerned individual lives overseas, the check is directly mailed out to him.

These are the benefits that you would receive when you are retiring from the services. But, every year, the retirement pay is adjusted to meet the increased cost of living which, in turn, is based on the Consumer Price Index. The Cost of Living Adjustment for the retired pay in the year 2007 was 3.3%. Considering all the above points will help in taking a well-informed decision on retirement from the military.

The Reputation Life Insurance

After the White House announced earlier this week that President Obama wouldn't normally attend the funeral service for recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia, it absolutely was only a a few time before Republicans jumped about the possibility to criticize. It will provide you having a really refreshing insight to the USA auto Insurance information that you need. A grief-stricken Bobby Brown was driven away in tears in the Brown family post-funeral reception, according to Hollywood Life on Aug. rabbireflects.

How To Refinance Your School Loan Debt By: Owen Davis - Loans that are taken out by students to cover school, in many cases are not paid back until following the individual can completed their education. There are plenty of places online that may provide you with free quotes, too as numerous agents in the yellow pages that could be more than happy to assist you. If you fit in with a Church, Mosque or other religious establishment, talk to the minister to ascertain if he can perform the service, help with all the burial and set you up on a payment arrangement. If you fit in with a Church, Mosque or any other religious establishment, talk towards the minister to ascertain if he can perform the service, help using the burial and set you up on a payment arrangement. It features in Arthurian myth and countless legends, imbued as it absolutely was with great power.

ou just mght pay less for life insurance plan hen you gt oer a small quantity. One may term this being an un-ethical business however the tremendous success and rise of this business clearly shows its viability and that such services are required in various parts of the world. In such cases, an protected person can sit back, understanding they'll have insurance coverage for his or her entire lives, and not just for that length of several years.

Celeste eventually gave birth to Stuart, a young blue eyed strapping child that looked the spitting image of Jeremy. And when I visited Africa it was January. Poems may be an extremely successful technique to communicate your feelings concerning the death of the loved Funeral and bereavement poems are an extremely essential aspect on most funeral and memorial services. The flood slew every living thing that was upon the Earth. It's smart to become ready for anything.

Filipinos, who're mostly Christians, believe within the afterlife. One of the very most important Begravelse FRederiksBerg things to think about may be the ratio of possible rise in cost for the current policy price, as well as the expediency of the need. Ask when the insurance plan i green, gets the capacity being canceled, also as questions regaring superior warranties. So play your role with use of simple and jocular words without having to break compatibility involving the lines or stanzas.

It's imperitive throughout this time, to set people's minds at ease. Some websites and religious good stores also provide memorial poems regarding life after death or about life and death in general. Yo need being s educated as yu posibly can to be abl to select a course tt s ou are feeling secure with out overextending our pocketbook.

For more specific details about your individual needs, please contact me directly. Books are similar to doorways to a different world, and also to keep that doorway o. Tags: Instrument Coverage, Musicians CoverageDraw A Safety Circle Around Your Instrument Through Woodwinds Insurance By: Johnson Charlse - It may be the delicate and fragile nature of music fraternity which has compelled Begravelse FRederiksBerg insurance companies to launch plans and policies to safeguard professional interests of experts associated. . Few of her articles would include names like 'Ho3 Policy: An open peril insurance', 'Insurance for fire damages' and 'Buying life insurance on someone without their consent'.

108 Things I Got to Do On My Year Off or Things To Do Before You Die

Several years ago, I took time off to enjoy a much needed sabbatical year, armed with a rough idea of what I hoped to accomplish during my time off. I hadn't heard of a bucket list and didn't even write a list of things to do in a year. But by giving myself the gift of a year, I got to do the equivalent of a bucket list's worth of things to do before you die.

I took the time to write all the fun things I did while I El Clasico 2016 live streaming was on sabbatical and I was blown away, astounded and oh so thankful for the time. Sometimes, you gain a greater appreciation for both the big things and even the little things when you reflect back on those things most meaningful to you when you take a step back and savor the moments.

For myself, it made me really thankful for this break in time. A friend once told me you get to really enjoy travel and other experiences at least three times over 1) when you anticipate and plan 2) when you enjoy what you're doing in the moment and in addition 3) when you take a moment to reflect on the past. I definitely think that's true three fold.

It's incredible how rewarding life becomes when you take the time to focus on what matters most. In sharing my completed bucket list of 108 Things I Got to Do On My Barcelona vs Real Madrid live stream Year Off, I hope you'll be inspired to take the time to do more of what you love, whether it's in a few stolen moments here and there, a weekend, perhaps a week, a month or the ultimate indulgence of a year off.

If it seems hedonistic, foolhardy or selfish to take so much time off, you can take comfort in the fact that the idea of a sabbatical even has biblical roots. There's the idea of the weekly rest on the Sabbath. Even God took a day off from his busy schedule. And there's also the concept of a sabbatical year where you the let the ground go fallow to allow the soil to work its magic, processing previous crops and other organic matter so that the ground will be richer in years to come. It's much the same with people. It's not just a luxury but a necessity to take a step back to allow yourself a year to regenerate and prosper in years to come.

The end result? This self-imposed sabbatical turned out to be more than just a one time thing that had long lasting ramifications that helped jump start several meaningful changes which have significantly changed my career and life trajectory in profound ways I could have never imagined.

It's hard to believe this was 5 years ago. Since then I've garnered the courage to satisfy a long time yearning to quit spending my life energy working for others and to instead work for myself writing on-line full-time. Best decision ever. I've lived overseas for months at a time in Barcelona, Rome & Vancouver. I've taken up dancing again. Everyday I wake up truly satisfied to have taken the leap.

What if you lived as if you only had one year to live? What would you do with time off or rather time on? What would be on your list of things to do in a year. What are you waiting for? What's holding you back?


A picture of me in Fez with "Momo" a Moroccan tour guide who has guided celebrities such as Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman & Warren Beatty to reveal the hidden treasures of Fez, Morocco.

Photo Credit: Eric Jenkins

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Television / Movies :: A Chronicle of the Animation-Films from 1939 to 1986 in the NFB (Page 7 of 7)

Derek Putlocker Lamb, head of the ever-popular and highly acclaimed Animation studio, could feel positively about his animators' regular nominations for Academy Awards. If animation was the costliest form of film expression, it was also the least dated, in part because its `language' was international. Lamb was depressed, however, at how the Film Board was scorned by the private sector and parlimentarians. He hoped for a new role, one that would be defined in terms of ` delivering the goods, ' that is, making excellent and vitalfilms. What was needed, he said, was someone at the top to inspire the place-someone like the old quarrelsome Scot, John Grierson . The public wanted information about a host of vital subjects and making such films would win back public respect and an audience. It was also important to find a way to bring on young talent.

Lamb had succeeded in the last category when he invited the animation artist Janet Perlman to make Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide to Better Table Manners in 1976. This was an exuberant tale of four unusual table guests whose faux pas help the viewer see him/ herself as others might. The film purposely does not deliver on its premise of an `informal little lecture on basic table manners that we know will result in a more fulfilling life. ' It mocks such etiquette as ` what to do when something is on the plate which you don't like by having a parrot jump up from a plate and marchboldly around the table, creating general pandemonium. The film is meant to serve as a classroom provocature to a discussion of etiquette and social mores in general.

From 1976-78, McLaren madeAnimated Motion , a series of five films for students just embarking on a study of animation techniques. In them, McLaren comments upon, demonstrates, and classifies aspects of motion that the animator uses in his daily work. He then turned to the most complex and expensive production of his career, Narcissus, a balletic interpretation of the Greek myth of the youth whose excessive self-love created a void of mental imprisonment. The live-action animation is a compendium of McLaren techniques gleaned from a lifetime of creativity. The project drained him, and his health , long precarious, began to wane permanently. The Narcissus legend symbolized the decade, although when it was finished at last in 1983, McLaren was first to admit it was structurally weak, dragged in the second half, and then dribbed off. He retired in 1984 and spent his last years engrossed in listening to music with his perennial companion Guy Glover. When he died in 1986, the whole of his cinematic art occupied just over three hours of screen time. McLaren's was an oeuvre which enriched so many lives that its full impact is still incalculable.

Significant Dates and Events

1939. Creation of the NFB in Ottawa. John Grierson becomes the Putlocker first Govermenr Film Commissioner. 1940. UN du 22 e is the first NFB film shot in french. 1941. Churchill' s Island is the first Canadian film to win an Oscar Norman McLaren is hired to organize animation at the NFB. 1944. Columbia Pictures and Famous Players show NFB films in French in Quebec movie theaters for the first time. 1949. NFB film broadcast on American and English television stations for the first time. 1951. Production of Royal Journey, the NFB' s first 35 mm color film. 1955. The NFB moves its offices to the Montreal suburb of Saint-Laurent. 1960. Colin Low directs Universe, which a few years later will be included in NASA' s training program for astronauts. 1963. The NFB shoots its first feature-length film: Drylanders, a fictionaldrama by Donald Haldane, and Pour la suite du monde ( The Coontrap), a documentary by Pierre Perrault, Michel Brault and Marcel Carriere. 1964. Creation of the French Program Branch. 1966. Creation of the French Animation Studio. 1967. Creation of Challenge for Change/ Societe nouvelle, an experimental film program promoting social change. The NFB produces the experimental film shown at the Labyrinthpavilion; it is visited by more than 1.3 million people during Expo '67. First use of computer animation at the NFB. 1969. Adaption of the new NFB logo designed by Georges Beaupre' and symbolizing a vision of humanity. 1971. Mon Oncle Antoine by Claude Jutra wins the Gold Hugo Award at theChicago International Film Festival and Best Feature Film at theCanadian Film Awards. 1973. Balablok wins the Palm d' or for best short film at Cannes. 1974. The English program creates Studio D, the first production unit forfilms by, for and about women. The French Program opens regional production centers outside ofQuebec. 1975. The NFB starts transfering films onto 3/4-inch videocassette format and opens several video centers. The NFB opens a library of captioned and subtitled films for the hearing-impaired. The Heat Wave Lasted Four Days, by Douglas Jackson, becomes the first Canadian film sold to American network television. 1976. Work begins on the official film of the XXI Olympic Games. Under the supervision of Jean-Claude Labrecque, 32 crews comprising 168 persons shoot 100,000 meters of film. 1977. J.A. Martin, Photographe triumphs at Cannes. Monique Mercure wins the Palm d' or for best actress, while the film wins the Ecumenical Award. That same year, it is named Best Feature Film at the Canadian Film Awards. 1978. The NFB wins two Oscars: one for best documentary short for Beverly Shaffer's I'll find a Way, and one for best animation for Co Hoedeman's The Castle/Le chateau de sable. 1980. English Production creates the Program to Assist Films in the Private secctor (PAFPS), opening the way to coproduction with the private Sector. Creation of the Federal Women's Film Program(FWFP). 1983. The report of the Applebaum-Hebert Committee recommends that the NFB continue to produce and distribute films. 1984. Mon Oncle Antoine is declared the best Canadian film of all time at the Torento Festival of Festival. 1985. Creation of Aide au cinemea independant -Canada (ACIC) to assistindependent French-language flmmakers. 1986. A special jury prize is awarded to the NFB by the Nyon international Documentary Film Festival for its exemplary documentary production since 1939. Transtions, the NFB' s first 3D IMAX film, is seen by 1.7 million visitors at Expo '86 in Vancouver. The French Program creates the Regards de femmes program. The French Program Animation Studio establishes a computer animation center.Establishment of the Employment Equity program.

Oscar Won by the NFB

1. Churchill' s Island, documentary by Stuart Legg, in 1941. 2. Neighbours, animated short by Norman McLaren, in 1952. 3. I' ll Find a Way, documentary short by Beverly Shaffer, in 1978. 4. The Sand Castle, animated short by Co Hoedeman, in 1978. 5. Special Delivery, animated short by John Weldon and Eunice Macaulay,in 1979. 6. Every Child, animated short by Eugene Fedorenko, in 1980. 7. If You Love This Planet, documentary short by Terre Nash, in 1983. 8. Flamenco at 5:15, documentary short by Cynthia Scott, in1984.

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