Check in and Recharge: Seven Ways To Improve Your Business Writing

Without clear and effective writing, global business would come to a standstill. Successful business deals and major career breakthroughs depend on strong communications. That’s why it’s essential periodically to refresh your business writing skills and style. Here are 7 ways to check in and recharge:

Be Clear: Use simple words and state your points clearly. Don’t make us run to the dictionary or guess what you want us to understand.

Be Quick: Business writing isn’t like writing War and Peace. You don’t need a thousand pages to get to the point. Say what you need in the least amount of words.

Be Polite: There is etiquette to business writing. Be kind and polite in your correspondences, reports and presentations and never insult the reader with terms like “obvious” and “apparently,” but rather show the reader respect for his or her intelligence and use the appropriate terms of salutation and address.

Be Interesting: If you want your proposal or business letter to yield the desired results, don’t be boring or vague in your writing. Instead use clear and vivid examples to make your points. Even though they are written in formal language, let your emails and proposals tell a story. The story of what you want to proofread online propose, create or achieve.

Be Informed: Do your homework. Make sure you know what you are talking about before you send your email or proposal. Do research. Know your facts and statistics. And in terms of the actual writing, make sure you are comfortable with the nuts and bolts of English grammar and usage.

Be Creative: It is often true that the most successful business people think outside the box. So while you are learning the rules of effective business writing, find ways to use these rules creatively. Create an element of happy surprise when building your arguments in a business proposal.

Be Open: Even when we learn the rules of effective writing, we still need help with our business communications. It is a known fact that writers need editors. We often benefit from another pair of eyes to catch our mistakes, smooth out our writing style and find the best word. And especially with a complicated business text, it is always good to get a second opinion. Being open to the editing process is a necessary step to becoming an accomplished business writer.

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