Take Care of Your Garage Door

If you think you installed your new overhead door and you are set for a lifetime, you are wrong! Such systems need great attention from day one. Scratch that! They need attention even before you install them. As long as you have bought the right size, the proper materials and the most reliable garage door opener, you have made a good start. Though, you must make sure it is also properly installed and taken care of frequently even if you have invested in cost effective systems.

Make sure the door is installed and fixed properly

Improper garage door installation will only give you trouble. The door will be noisy from the very beginning and if it doesn't move right, it might easily get jammed or become a safety hazard. What we mean by proper installation is that the door is assembled right and mounted carefully and in accordance with the product's specifications. New openers must also be connected properly, mounted securely and well fastened so that the parts won't vibrate. Give attention to the way the safety features are installed. The sensors must be approximately six inches from the floor and the reverse system must work with accuracy. The travel limit must be adjusted so that the door will come all the way up and down and the force of the opener should also be adjusted so that the door will move at the right speed.

Once the door and all parts are properly installed, your responsibilities start. If you stick to annual garage door maintenance, you can feel more assured about your safety and won't deal with problems unless you hit the door and the tracks with the car every other day. Make sure of some things, like:

* The door moves right on the garage Garage Door Repair Evanston door tracks and doesn't make any particular noises or dance movements

* All parts seem to be alright and there is no sign of rust

* The fasteners are tightened and in good shape, and the parts are well-secured

* The chain of the opener and the garage door springs do not sag

* The reverse mechanism is working properly

* The edge parts of wood doors are not warped

* The weather seals are in good condition

If something doesn't seem right, make sure it is fixed. Anything wrong with the parts or the door itself might make the system dysfunctional or even dangerous. In this case, it's best to stop using it and stay in a distance till it is properly repaired.