Canelo vs cotto live streaming

True boxing fans must be interested in anticipating this mega fight on the boxing ring. Of course, most of them will try to find the most legit way to access the match online or offline. A lot of you visit this page must be curious about the most popular boxing fight in 2015. After the big fight between Mayweather vs Pacquiao last May, now folks are interested to witness another big battle of the year involving Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez

A lot of boxing fans have been excited in expecting Cotto vs Canelo fight this November 21, 2015. Fans will definitely crowd the venue. This canelo vs cotto live streaming is the coolest battle combat that will determine who will win the WBC World Middleweight Championship. This is also the revival of the old-school rivalry between Puerto Rican and Mexican boxer top notch in the world.

The night event will definitely draw a lot of attention not only for Mexican and Puerto Rican sides,

but also the whole boxing world. The two prominent boxers on their generation are determined to grab the title. They both will take everything to claim their victory. Weeks ago, Canelo stated that he would give the best for his loyal fans and the world. Cotto, as the same page, would give such a deserving fight. It is not a small deal. The upcoming fight is described as the second mega fight in 2015 after Manny and Pacquiao. However, some other fans agreed that it is the best mega fight this year.

About 12,000 people will witness the most anticipating boxing game in November, 2015. And million people on earth will watch it from their screen.