Intimalase - Laser Vaginal firming

Laser firming the vagina is painless, minimally invasive, do not require hospitalization or any form of anesthesia, thus is an excellent alternative to surgical procedures. The result, usually a single treatment is to improve vaginal elasticity and narrowing of the light resulting in increased satisfaction with sexual intercourse for both partners.

For whom created the vagina firming treatment?

Laser vaginal revitalization has been created for all women who feel that their vagina is too stretched and causes them psychological discomfort, physical or reduces the quality of sexual contact. The team vaginal relaxation is most commonly associated with a history of births and menopause, which is aging, resulting from a decrease in the level of female hormones.

What is the procedure?

Modern Er: YAG laser delivers energy to the vaginal canal, which stimulates naturally occurring in the wall of the vagina collagen fibers to contract. This in turn leads to a thickening and shrinkage of the irradiated tissue, and activates neocollagenesis. This process enhances the vaginal wall with new collagen fibers, so that it appears to be more taut, flexible and moisturized.

How to prepare for surgery revitalization of the vagina?

The treatment does not require special preparation. You need to have the actual results of Pap smear and ultrasound genitals (max. 6 months) or performing them in our outlet. The patient is eligible for treatment Intimalase in office after careful intelligence gathering, gynecological examination, analysis of test results and above all, the ​obkurczanie pochwy essence of the discussion with the patient and explaining the procedure Intimalase any doubts.

How is and how long it takes such a procedure?

The biggest advantage is its treatment Intimalase minimal invasiveness, or very little interference with the body, as well as a small percentage of side effects. The procedure itself takes 40-60 minutes, but to stay in office should set aside about half an hour. Proper treatment is preceded by anesthesia vestibule and labia anesthetic cream. The patient feels no pain, may experience only heat in the vicinity intimate and discomfort similar as for gynecological examination.

Are there side effects of laser shrinking of the vagina?

No, the procedure there is no interruption or even breach of tissue continuity. This means that the treatment is not accompanied by bleeding and do not remain after the scars.

Are there any contraindications to the revitalization of intimate?

The most common contraindication is an infection of the genital tract. After successful recovery from infection can be safely arrange the date of application Intimalase. Other contraindications are: pregnancy, breast-feeding, unexplained bleeding from the genital tract, abnormal cytology, age over 70 years, allergy to light, use of photosensitizing drugs (eg. Retinoids), which should be discontinued for 2-3 weeks before surgery.

How quickly can I return to daily activities?

After surgery, patients usually do not feel any discomfort in addition to the increased amount of vaginal discharge. They can immediately return to full physical activity and employment. It is recommended that only a short break in sexual contact.

How soon can I enjoy the revitalizing effects of the vagina?

The effects are felt after a month, and the full result of the patient will enjoy after 3 months.

Do I have to repeat the procedure Intimalase?

In most cases, one treatment is quite sufficient to significantly improve the flexibility of the vagina and the quality of intercourse.

How long it will continue revitalizing effect of the vagina?

The effects of laser firming the patient will feel the vagina for about 3-4 years. Reduce or offset the results may be another birth, but after the birth of offspring can be re-perform the procedure and back to get the effect of flexible and supple vagina.