Beverly Hills News – Victorino Noval Foundation Sets Record Straight On Billion-Dollar Beverly Hills Vineyard

By Victoria Talbot

Victor Noval, General Manager of Secured Capital Partners and founder of the Victorino Noval Foundation, which is known for hosting numerous charitable events at The Vineyard Beverly Hills, went on the record to TheCourier this week with the following statement: “Stories reporting that The Vineyard is for sale, that the price is $1 Billion, and that its ownership is in dispute and other misinformation, are simply untrue.” Following many years of litigation, Secured Capital Partners, a California-based LLC, reached a settlement agreement with Tower Park Properties, LLC and beverly hills news the Mark Hughes Family Trust in 2013. Noval continued, “There are no plans to sell The Vineyard Beverly Hills in the foreseeable future. The property, at the size of Disneyland in 90210, is simply not replaceable and therefore is not currently for sale. The only plans are to continue to offer The Vineyard as a special event site which we hope will benefit the community and charitable organizations everywhere.”

For full story see the print edition of The Beverly Hills Courier, or download the e-edition.