Mira The Walking Dead All Seasons in HD

Mira Walking Dead I was never really a HUGE fan of zombie flicks, until now. I watched The Walking Dead Season 1 on Instant Netflix and fell in love with it. Then I found Season 2 and watched it online and I'm now obsessed.

The atmosphere the show has created is one of a kind. It's realistic, gritty, and of course its gory. The acting is okay to superb. The series is so powerful, but at the same time subtle.

All the zombies look beautiful and the makeup work is award worthy. All the scenes involving the Walkers are intense and well directed. I think a lot of things are very emotional and it works well with the story, online HD.

The biggest thing and most interesting story, watch mira the walking dead online HD. Glenn is of course looking for Maggie, but it's who he meets on his way. Glenn runs into Abraham and a group of survivors, along with a doctor claiming he knows a cure for the zombie outbreak. This is HUGE news and is very enticing. Sadly they have really been limited on screen time so far. Abraham vowed to Glenn that they would help walking dead find Maggie, then after they will all head to Washington D.C.