Online Cricket Games

Cricket Game was introduced by British and then it moved to Indian sub-continent through East India Company. British also went to Australia and took cricket game Online Cricket Games tradition with them. Due to resent popularity of cricket game, a lot of countries have shown motives to invest in this sport. ICC has made categories based on performance of cricket teams which includes full member, associate members and affiliate members. Cricket game can be played in bilateral series or could be played as part of the tournament. ICC World cup, Champions Trophy and T20 World cup are major cricket game tournaments played on global level.

Online cricket games do not require you to download any games on the computer. If you want to play online cricket games then Adobe Flash or Shockwave plugin must be installed in browser and enables otherwise games won't load. Sometimes game won't load for no reason, the easiest way to get around such issues is to refresh your browser and it will start working. Online Cricket games in website follow same rules as in real game of cricket. There is a batting innings and bowling. Batsman can score singles, doubles or hit boundaries. Over always consists of 6 balls but duration of game would varies from game to game.

Cricket Games are based on real cricket sport which is fun to play on computer. Cricket games are divided in to various categories based on nature of the game. It could be Simulation games or arcade games. I would make categories like World Cup games, T20 games, IPL games, PSL games; which is based on tournaments. There are a variety of cricket games, which includes batting games, bowling games, fielding games and some fun or learning cricket games.