Everything attachments wicked root grapple on LS 4145 Tractor Review

If you have been in the forestry business for some time, you probably already realize that using a standard bucket attachment for hauling debris is a messy task. Of course, you can rake the debris off the ground and move it, but doing that takes a great deal of control, a hefty amount of time and in most cases, produces unsatisfactory results.

The problem with the standard bucket lies in its design. It does well with scooping up fine debris but lacks the ability of gripping large objects, making it useless for other vital applications. Another major drawback of the standard design is that it scrapes off large amounts of top soil during raking, causing vital top soil to be lost in the process. Thankfully, there is a new attachment called a logs with a grapple tractor that offers better performance than its predecessor.

Basic Features

The 2017 LS4145 tractor operates in a fashion similar to that of a standard machine but ruthless. This is a 6 foot Wicked Root Grapple from EverythingAttachments.com that I have on my 2017 LS4145 tractor. I'm just getting the hang of using it but so far I'm happy with the build quality as well as the performance of the grapple.

LS TRACTOR LS4145 Everything attachments wicket root grapple how to use a trator grapple LS TRACTOR REVIEW

The root grapple lower jaw consists of a reinforced metal scoop ideal for hauling loose materials such as soil or sand. The upper jaw is made up of several massive tines evenly lined up along the entire width of it. The addition of large tines makes it suitable for gripping cumbersome objects like rocks or logs.

A grapple heavy duty provides the clamping power of this piece of equipment. The addition of the grapple moving ram makes it easier to control while providing sufficient grip when hauling heavy loads.

As with the standard design, this machine is easily attached to a skidder or a loader with little modification required. In a forestry application, it is often used as a tractor grapple for unearthing attachments roots and loading timber.