Digital Detox Challenge

Have you ever heard of a "digital detox"? Many learned about it when American musician John Mayer completed a one-week detox in 2010, and encouraged his fans to join him. Or perhaps you heard of "Digital Detox Week," a yearly April event promoted by Adbusters magazine that suggests cutting back on digital stimulation.

What exactly is a "digital detox"?

Also known as "technology detox," "digital cleanse," or even "e-tox," the idea is to simply clear your mind from over stimulation and information overload, and restore balance to your life. You know, that "healthy feeling."

Urban Dictionary defines "e-tox" as "detoxification from electronic and/or digital devices." Adbusters suggests meditating on your relationship with your box, reflecting on slowing down, and reconnecting with reality during a detox.

But really, a detox is what you make it. You know yourself and your needs best. So, detox your way! Read on for a few ideas...

Why detox?

Plain and simple, because too much of a Punkt. MP01 good thing may not be a good thing.

Your "Why" may be different from mine. My recent 48-hour digital detox allowed my mind and body to rest more. I got to do various fun, relaxing things. Admittedly, I also wanted to put my relationship with technology to the test, and proof to myself that I am not an Internet addict (probably many of us aren't so sure!). Did my digital life control me, or did I control It?

First of four vignettes showing crystal-hunter Simon Elias’s fascinating vocation, presented as part of Punkt.’s Beauty In The Real World campaign.

The Punkt. MP01 is the original dumb phone as the creators of the digital detox challenge our focus is on using technology and not technology chaining us. Simon is using the Punkt. MP01 mobile phone in this beautiful video. With a gorgeous design by Jasper Morrison, it's a simple phone that has startling elegance. Find out more at