Babes and Vianney - Believe (Official Music Video)

To inspire is " breathe life into". To lift thought higher. To fill with hope. Inspirational music is just that. The genre of the music doesn't matter - it can be pop, country, jazz, R&B, gospel, heavy mental - whatever. The lyrics must be in some way uplifting.

A love song is an Inspirational song. "Babes and Vianney - Believe." is an Inspirational lyric video. It is inclusive; it is spiritually trans-denominational. All are included. Along the way it promises to brighten your life and enliven your soul. How? Simple, really. With great music.

We claim a new category. At a time in our world when fear is rampant and hope is down, the Don't give it up ability to inspire mankind seems to be of utmost necessity. And so we set out on this musical adventure with the goal to preach to none, but to include all in our endeavors.

Inspirational music embraces all spiritual ideas but promotes no religious theology.

Inspirational music spans all cultures, religions and people. It believes that all people have inside of themselves truth, life, love, spirit, soul.And so it serves all mankind.

What are success babes the endeavors?

There is no saying which direction this genre of inspirational songs of worship will go, but rest assured that it would continue to transform with each new generation and continue to inspire all believers. These songs are not just for the youth, they are by design to inspire and lift up every Christian of faith no matter what age