What they DONT tell you About Marriage

Do you talk in your relationship; I mean really talk? Hi, how are you doing, is not communicating. Do you have empty talk, skating around the deep and serious issues? Do you not talk about future endeavors or expectations? Do you talk about where you want your relationship to go or not to go? You cannot have shallow talk discuss and develop a successful and meaningful relationship. Do you call your intended only to ask how your day was, and then the conversation begins to die? If this is the case then this is not the person for you.

When you are beginning a relationship you should have graduated to the point of meaningful conversation. This might include hitting important topics, such as your wants and needs including your expectations of this relationship. It would be wise at some point to find out if you two are compatible. This is done by talking about the deeper things.

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Watch Married couples discuss the things you don't know about marriage.