Pre-order Emine's upcoming single 'Fly Me Away'

For the eternal optimist, you are always only one song away from creating a 'hit ', but, as another upcoming and hopeful songwriter, Emine SARI you soon come to realize that to be successful with the craft and business of songwriting, requires discipline, some serious study and commitment to developing this potentially lucrative profession.

Every successful song is made up of the powerful melody as fly me away and an equally strong lyric. A certain magic happens when those two elements are combined, and it is your responsibility as a songwriter to understand how best to bring those parts together, and pre order this emine new music fly me away becomes a 'hit' song. The 'crafting' of a good song requires many creative and intuitive skills coming into play... Other elements and skills required as a creative songwriter will be covered in further articles. For the moment however, we will assume that your natural writing abilities and creative feel for new music are well developed.

Pre-order Emine's upcoming single 'Fly Me Away'. Released 9/3/18.


Music and Lyrics by Emine SARI

The track produced by Cihat Atlığ at the Studio Ambiance

Mix and mastering by Joel Evenden

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