Accelerator Frankfurt - Your Gateway to Europe

Some people decide on beginning their business start up to generate more money in today's tough economic financial times. You can find various methods in carrying this out contingent upon what business you plan on beginning. Establishing your very own business is very feasible nowadays because primarily of the added income you could make, which most of us need nowadays.

Furthermore, it's an endeavour that will prove extremely profitable financially if you're in a position to build it proper and keep it growing to become more profitable.

Putting up your legal tech business will be made easy by following these straightforward startup tips. When used right, these simple tips should help you out with your planning and with enough progress, you probably won't need your job at all.

This video was sponsored by Accelerator Frankfurt. You can now apply to their program. co-founder of the independent Accelerator Frankfurt ( Maria is an experienced Business Angel in Germany and Finland, as well as a top fintech influencer in the German-speaking Countries.

She is originally from Finland and has garnered a lot of experience in helping startups in Asia and Europe. We talk to her about how she ended up in Frankfurt, how startups can enter Accelerator Frankfurt and how this helps them legal tech to enter Europe.