Accelerator Frankfurt's Program by the co-founder Ram

The gap between the early stage funding needs of a startup company market entry germany, and the expectations of a typical venture-capital firm can prevent many innovations from growing beyond a concept into a commercial commodity. Because venture capitalists and angel investors tend to support products and services in intermediate, less-risky stages of development, fintech and accelerator Frankfurt have created "application accelerator" or gap funds to accelerate the creation of new companies and sustain developing companies through the research phase so their owners can focus on preparing their businesses for later-stage equity investments.

When it comes to starting up a market entry europe operation, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to get your franchise started the more challenging the task. There will always be blockchain unanticipated occurrences when starting up a new business and with proper pre-planning you'll minimize the impact from these unplanned events.

This is the first video of a series in which we will bring you the highlights of the Accelerator Frankfurt's 3rd demo day. In this video, you see Ram Shoham, co-founder of the program.