What is a Roboadvisor?

The existence of complex automated stock monitoring software is not news anymore. The Internet and the development of new technologies have made it possible to trade stocks and other investment the money pouch products using either Web-based trading sites or standalone stock investment software.

If you're just getting started in the markets, you would want to know how to safely approach this new and exciting world.

Of course! You would need advice and assistance from trustful sources, but specialized trading services are usually expensive.

One way an increasing number of new investors use to invest in the financial markets keeping the risk low is investment software.

In this video, you will learn "What is a Roboadvisor" and discover how a roboadvisor can help you grow your money with automated stock trading.

Our roboadvisor uses computer algorithms to automatically buy and sell stocks on your behalf, so you don't need to sit at home looking at charts all day.

A roboadvisor never gets ill, never has a holiday and never has a day off, whilst there is still a human fund manager there to make sure trades take place correctly.

A roboadviser is a safe way to grow your funds for savings and retirement.

The Money Pouch is suitable for expats and international employees worldwide.

Our low cost investment service makes investing easy.