Fitness Coach - Tight and Toned Ab Workout

This tight and toned ab workout is Pilates inspired. This will get your core strong and those abs in shape. Pilates has many wonderful exercises to work the powerhouse aka core aka abs! Keeping your core strong is essential to protect the Diet back.

To achieve that flat belly you need to be pulling the belly in while working not letting it poke out...this will work the TA's know as the transverse abdominis muscles. This is your deep abdominal wall. When you hear me cue belly button to spine by doing this action that will help engage those. I also like to think of the feeling of your lower abs when you exhale zipping up a tight pair of jeans, or if you were tightening the strings on one of those old fashioned corsets. This pulls your ribs and belly in flattening the belly wall without bulking.

Let me know if you would like me to do a more detailed video on how to properly engage the core?

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