My Lasik Surgery Experience + Live Footage!

If you have vision problems I'm sure you know about LASIK surgery already and you've probably noticed that the cost of LASIK eye surgery has been decreasing. Even though the prices for LASIK surgery will depend on where you're located and what type of surgery you need to correct your vision overall LASIK surgery prices have been in a downward trend making LASIK more affordable in general.

First off you should know that LASIK surgery is quoted per individual eye. The higher prices of the new LASIK equipment are offset by the chance that they may make LASIK eye surgery a possibility for those whose visual defects were previously not treatable with LASIK. Newer LASIK devices also reduce post-operative complications, making the entire surgical process much less stressful.

Prices vary on prescription:

Call 888.919.2020 and Use code “JLINHH 96797” for $1000 off and free consultation!

P.s. For my Bay Area followers, they will be opening new offices in Milpitas and Dublin mid March!

*I did my procedure lasik surgery at the Cupertino location.

Thank you so much to @IQlaservision_lasik_specialist for the wonderful experience and the opportunity to document my entire journey.