Slim Jxmmi x Smokepurpp x Travis Scott Type Beat 2018 | Rap Trap Instrumental - Falling Angel

You might think it's obvious but without having good rap beat, you won't ever go far in the hip hop game. Lyrics are crucial, yes, but I would argue that dark mood type beat is just as important, or even more. A good Slim Jxmmi Type Beat is very important. Without it, you should just sing freestyle.

Here is a great example: Think of a great lyrical rapper. Let's say Eminem. Now, picture him rapping with nothing but a blender in the background. It would suck, no? OK, it's perfectly possibly Eminem Uncle Jxm Type Beat could accomplish it but you get a picture. Now think of Eminem rapping with a terrible instrumental. It would sound a bit better, but you would not get this full impact of the song. He probably wouldn't sell many albums, would he?

Thus whether you are rapping about the story of your life, and you need a powerful Slim Jxmmi Type Instrumental to strengthen it, or perhaps you only need some clever metaphors and would like to have the song blasting in peoples' cars, your song depends on Reel Feels Beats.