ether.UNLIMITED x Sim-C - She Want It

At some point of our life, we normally come to a point where we soul search music. After a few years in the corporate world, one would just look at things over and love yourself finds out something is missing. After a few years working as an athlete, one still would not feel complete. The feels something about life like adventure is lacking. Much credit to music in aiding that aspect in giving momentum to flow within the rhythm of life towards feeling complete.

When at times we are down and at a lost we turn on at our television set to catch the latest news around with the short video footage about people suffering usually accompanied with music are seen and heard. After a while we realized that we should be fine, Neo-soul my situation is far of that soul search music one shown on television. The footage and music then comes deep through within us and amazingly felt how it touches one's life. Again, with the aid of music, it helps us get through and ride within the rhythm of life, life adventure making it more meaningful.

Inspired by a special kind of connection between two flames, representing the Love, desire and journey the soul seeks. “She want it” by ether.UNLIMITED x Sim-C is more than just a love song.