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• Formulate and define a clear,interesting research question; this may take a form or hypothesis to be tested, or a open-ended enquiry

• Establish the relevance and value of proposed research question in the content of current academic thinking, highlighting its originality and significance

• Outline a clear and practical methodology which enables you to answer the research question, and to describe and evaluate any data or source material you will draw upon

• Suggest what you hope to discover at the end of your research and what new areas will open up

• Provide provisional timeline of your thesis

Generally speaking a PhD research proposal should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words in length. Before making your final application is likely that will need to revise your proposal several times, so make sure its well structured, presents a good review of existing literature, outlines the methodology to be used, and explains the significance of your proposed research.

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PhD Proposal Format UK

A PhD Thesis Proposal typically consists of the following sections, whereas the order of sections can vary:

Motivation (1-2 pages)

Related work (2-6 pages)

Problem statement (1 page)

Proposed solution and research idea (2-6 pages)

Major references (1-2 pages)

A dedicated section (e.g., in the prior work section) where the student lists what he/she has published so far A PhD Plan (ideally as a flow chart) which shows the sequencing of all work packages, from the start of the PhD till the end of the PhD

From the PhD Plan it shall become apparent how long the PhD student has worked on the research topic of the PhD Proposal. This is particularly important for PhD students who have switched topics.

A PhD Proposal should answer the following questions:

What problem are you choosing to investigate? What is your hypothesis?

Why is the problem/hypothesis important/relevant?

What are the specific research questions your work will address?

How have others attempted to address this in the past?

How are you planning to address this?

How will you answer these research questions (e.g. what is the method/approach and why have you chosen these?)

How will you evaluate the extent to/success with which you have addressed these research questions?

What are the expected phd thesis writing tips research contributions of this work? (i.e. what knowledge or research products will your work produce that others in the research community can use?)

How will you know that you accomplished your goals? (i.e. what is the stopping condition to be applied to your work?)

It might be useful to structure the proposal around these questions.

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