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How to Avoid the Website Redesign Perfection Trap:

Going through a website redesign can be many things. It can definitely be exciting, but might also feel daunting. After all, it’s a pretty big task to move from whatever you have now to a new site.

Working with an experienced web design company like Thrive is a must and will make the process much easier for you because we’ve been through the redesign process many times and have the experience to push the project along at the right pace. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through every step to make your redesign as easy as possible!

That said, we’d like to take a moment to address something that stalls projects pretty easily: perfection.

The Perfection Trap

A website is not a static thing. It’s something that grows and changes and gets added on to as time goes on. Even when you’re launching a brand new website, this is something you should think about and understand. The purpose of a website redesign is to improve your website both visually and functionally.

During the planning phase, we’ll lay out what your site needs to be both beautiful and compelling, and bring in as many leads for you as possible. It will serve you well for years! That said, we don’t expect you to not make any tweaks to it.

The perfection trap happens at the end of the redesign process. We’ve implemented the planned and refined design, your content is entered, and we’re getting ready to launch. Suddenly, you notice a little tweak that could make things better. And another one, and another one. And couldn’t things be even better if this one little thing was different?

We get it – we want your site to be just as perfect as you do. However, there comes a point where it’s much more strategic to launch your new site than keep making small tweaks to it while it’s still in developer mode.

Why Delaying Launch is Harmful to Your Business

The main reason why delaying launch is harmful to your business is because you are missing out on the benefits of digital marketing and SEO.

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You’re Delaying the Start of Great SEO Benefits

One of the reasons you’re redesigning your website is probably so that it’s really well optimized for digital marketing, right? We’ve completed our SEO campaign setup and your site has been designed for optimal conversions, and it’s all ready to go in that respect. When a website redesign launches, it often takes Google some time to re-crawl your site and reestablish your keyword rankings with the new content layout. Delaying launch is just delaying this process, and delaying your usage of your new, improved, marketing-ready website.

If you’re embarking on an SEO campaign with Thrive, there are a lot of things that we can’t do until your new website is live. We can spit-shine the heck out of it before it launches, but there’s only so much we can do. Making us wait while the site goes through rounds of inconsequential perfections will delay the SEO benefits you’re looking for by working with us.

How to GMB Spammer Avoid the Perfection Trap: Questions to Ask Yourself

Is your site GMB Spammer ready to launch? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you delay the launch to make changes.

Do the changes I’m requesting change the fundamental functionality of my site?

Are my changes going to affect the way visitors use my site?

Are my changes just small design tweaks?

If your changes don’t change the site in a major way and count as just little design tweaks, you should most likely pull the trigger and launch now. Don’t get caught in the trap!