Have you dabbled into prediction sites that wowed you? Or have you met the ones that didn’t really cut the deal for you, and you feel the need to make your predictions yourself? Or are you just interested in securing a job as a football prediction analyst?

Whatever your reasons are, you are on the right track. However, the path to making accurate football predictions is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things to know before venturing into it, and lot more to learn.


Get ready prediction site to predict daily and consistently to measure your accuracy

Be open minded no matter the outcome of your predictions and change when necessary.

Remember you are only predicting. They players determine the result.

Prepare your mind for losses. You’re most likely going to encounter a lot the first few times.

Every match is a new start. Don’t let previous winnings shroud your sense of judgment for your next predictions.

Now that you have observed all these, you are now ready to get started with predicting by yourself.

These few steps would guide you on how to get started.


Check the statistics

Every match played always have their statistical records of tournament table and positions, past matches played, and head to head games.

This gives you an overview of the possible outcomes of the match. Your job will be to find the most recurring outcomes based on current form of the teams, (home and away) and their head to head games.

Checking the stats is usually the first place to begin.

Choose a prediction pattern

It very important to have a pattern and choice of prediction. These prediction choices ranges from the Over 1.5, Over 2.5, Both Teams Scoring, Away goals, Home goals options and more.

There are always more than one outcome and prediction in one match. Write them all down before carefully selecting the one that will most likely play out.

The pattern of predictions you choose should be dependent on your knowledge of how the league plays, or the kind of teams playing in the league.

Study the patterns and take notes

You most definitely would want to be sure that your choice of patterns are accurate. After each match, check if your predictions were right. If you lost, chances are you predicted right, but the teams played a hard luck: or your choice of prediction was wrong. Go back to your note, and check which one played out.

Stick to what works for you

As much as change is constant, always stick to what you know is a winning strategy when you find one. Not because you know it, but because the results proves it.

Your primary aim of venturing into football prediction is to win and make money. Don’t get greedy with the odds.

Stay informed and updated

Football is a dynamic game. Never use your previous knowledge of a team or league to predict. Always stay updated to predict right.